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001 Welcome to skriptfabrik

We strengthen your visions and projects holistically.

The planning and implementation of web projects is our passion. With more than 15 years of experience, we are at your side with your projects right from the start.

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002 Services & Tech Stack

We rely on know-how and modern technologies.

We cover all areas that are relevant to design and develop web applications and we get involved in startups and companies exactly where they need it. We support projects as Software Architects, Agile Coaches, Backend Professionals, Frontend Developers and DevOps Experts. We work with high-quality technologies to create professional web apps that are state-of-the-art.


We take the ideas of our customers and analyze the feasibility.

To Do

We convert the idea into requirements in order to be able to plan the implementation.


If necessary, we actively support the implementation or coach the implementing team.


We put the project into operation in the cloud and take care of maintenance.

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TypeScript was designed for complex applications. The strict type system makes it easier for us to develop according to the clean code principle and enables translation into valid JavaScript code that can then be executed in the browser or on the server.


For server-side programming, we use PHP, a scripting language that has been established for decades. No matter whether it is about the creation of backend applications or command line tools, the wide range of system libraries makes it possible to develop the right backend for every imaginable use.


The popular open source tool provides us with a portable and consistent runtime environment that is used by us in development, continuous integration and also in production. The containers with the isolated environments are ideal for logical and physical separation of application components, thus providing an ideal ecosystem in terms of system security as well.


Using the OpenAPI standard, we define our RESTful APIs. The API comes first for us, which is the working foundation for frontend and backend application. We love interfaces designed according to the JSON:API or JSON-LD specification.


We use Symfony along with API Platform to create fully testable applications for server-side execution. Using these frameworks, we bridge the gap between data persistence layer and front-end application.


On the frontend, we use Angular as a framework to create state-of-the-art web applications. Here we pay great attention to unit and interface testing.


Astro is the web framework for content-oriented websites that impresses us above all with its speed and features such as SSR (Server Side Rendering) and Static Site Generation (SSG). This is one of the ways we ensure that we create optimal conditions for search engine findability.


React is the second major frontend framework we use. We build many of our components with React and use it along with other web components to build web applications.


Directus is an open source platform that functions as a Headless CMS and Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). It enables the simple management of content and data in SQL databases via an intuitive user interface. In addition to the versatile application options, we particularly appreciate the continuous further development and the strong community.


We are cloud natives. This means that we provide our scalable applications on cloud infrastructures. To achieve this, we use Kubernetes. Using the standardized tools, Terraform and Helm, we manage containerized workloads and services on this extensible open source platform.


We use Terraform to manifest the infrastructure of our projects in the source code. This allows us to easily keep it up to date and apply it to different environments. We also maintain our own Terraform modules to transport recurring parts of the infrastructure from project to project.


We use Ansible as an automation engine for provisioning, configuring and deploying our applications. To minimize manual processes, we keep the infrastructure as source code. This allows us to extend, duplicate and update it without much effort.


Git is the standard for version control. We use platforms like GitHub and GitLab to version source code, perform code reviews, and automate related processes. Processes for testing, build, and deployment are part of every project.

We want you! ⭑ ⭑ We want you! ⭑ ⭑ We want you! ⭑ ⭑

003 Projects & Partners

Satisfied partners and successful projects motivate us.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” - Henry Ford. According to this motto, we cooperate long-term with our partners in order to implement successful projects together.

We remain open to new project inquiries in order to pass on our knowledge to other teams and customers and to receive new input ourselves. The cooperation is always characterized by respect, loyalty, honesty and lively exchange. In this way, everyone involved can benefit from each other the most and we grow together. This results in great ideas and first-class products.

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Recruiting Platform

Architecture | Product Owner | Frontend | Backend | DevOps

Recruiting Platform

The recruiting platform, which is specially created for the automotive industry, was created as a new development in close cooperation between skriptfabrik, an agency and the customer. The online platform maps the entire recruiting process - from creating job advertisements and publishing them to applicant management. It is a client-capable, multilingual and modular system, which is constantly being expanded (new modules, internationalization, etc.). We comprehensively supervised the project from the start of the project, through the conception and development to the go-live and beyond.

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Staffbase Plugins

Frontend | Backend | DevOps | DevSecOps

Staffbase Plugins

Staffbase is an internal communications software, available in over 60 languages and used by more than 2,000 companies worldwide. The platform is completely personalized and customizable, meaning customers can use it in their design. As skriptfabrik, we executed the planning and implementation of four plugins for the platform as a frontend and backend developer. Existing plugins were expanded and replaced. New plugins were implemented and integrated. The integration and deployment was fully automated and implemented in accordance with security standards.

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DevOps in the Banking Sector

DevOps | DevSecOps | Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

DevOps in the Banking Sector

noris network AG is a German premium IT service provider for IT outsourcing, managed services, cloud services and collocation. The tasks we take on include the automation of the deployment processes and operational tasks with modern technologies in various script/programming languages, the development and implementation of a strategy for data transfer from the productive system to “lower environments” such as QA or development, and implementation an unattended patch day strategy for 100+ systems failsafe and taking into account A/B system and HA clusters.

LiGenius SolutionsMailingworkmediatacknoris networkOnlineprintersSchloz Wöllenstein ServicesStaffbaseWVD Dialog Marketing

004 Team & Career

The team and the competencies.

We are the team of specialists as reinforcement for your visions and projects.

Daniel Schröder

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Web Architect, DevOps Engineer & Consultant

Daniel Schröder

As a real all-rounder, Daniel brings experience in the areas of DevOps, frontend and backend. He uses this full-stack knowledge as a software architect and consultant in projects and always keeps a holistic overview.

Sindy Schröder

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Agile Coach / Product Owner / Scrum Master

Sindy Schröder

Agile project management and the implementation of Scrum processes are her passion. As an experienced product owner, Sindy supports projects in all industries. The scrum.org certifications PSPO I and PSM I complete her profile.

Marco Spengler

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Senior PHP Backend Developer & Consultant

Marco Spengler

As a specialist in RESTful API design and PHP (Symfony), Marco is our secret weapon in the backend. With his expertise, he makes new developments solid from the ground up or helps with the consolidation and modernization of existing web applications.

Sven Sonnborn

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Junior Frontend Developer

Sven Sonnborn

As a career changer, Sven turned his hobby into a career and now supports projects as a junior frontend developer. For the implementation of websites and apps, he relies primarily on TypeScript (Angular, Astro and React).

Oleksandr Morskyi

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Junior DevOps Engineer

Oleksandr Morskyi

Alex is a trained engineer and is therefore a career changer in our DevOps area. With his willingness to learn and his friendly nature, he fits perfectly into the team and will support customer projects in a timely manner.

We want you! ⭑ ⭑ We want you! ⭑ ⭑ We want you! ⭑ ⭑

You want to strengthen our team?

We are looking for new colleagues (m/f/d) in permanent positions, part-time or full-time. Become part of our small team of experts for web development in Chemnitz and support us with your skills! In principle, the work for our customers can be done remotely. It is up to you whether you work in our office, act from the home office or prefer a combination of both. Occasionally we organize company events in Chemnitz, to which we would like to invite you so that we can grow together as a team.

Our customer projects are a colorful mix across different industries. The project language is always German or English.

Does that sound interesting to you? Then take a look at our vacancies:

Our benefits

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